The Endowment Society

The Endowment Society recognizes individuals, couples, families and businesses who establish an endowment and contribute $10,000 or more to that fund during their lifetime. The Community Foundation is proud to honor these donors’ exemplary leadership in growing permanent resources to benefit the region. 

Endowment Society Members

A. Y. McDonald Charitable Foundation
R. D. McDonald Memorial Fund
A. Y. McDonald Manufacturing Company
A. Y. McDonald Manufacturing Company Endowment Fund
Edward and Patricia Alt
Edward and Patricia Alt Fund
Mabel Ashline
Richard and Mabel Ashline Scholarship Endowment
Ed and Shirley Babka
Ed and Shirley Babka Family Fund for Bethany Home
Ed and Shirley Babka Family Fund for the Carnegie Stout Public Library Foundation
Ed and Shirley Babka Family Fund for the Dubuque Arboretum
Ed and Shirley Babka Family Fund for the Dubuque Humane Society
Ed and Shirley Babka Family Fund for the Dubuque Museum of Art
Ed and Shirley Babka Family Fund for the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra
Ed and Shirley Babka Family Fund for Four Mounds
Joan Barton
Dan Barton Family Endowment Fund for Northeast Iowa Community College
Dan Barton Family Endowment Fund
John W. and Jane Judge Baty
John W. and Jane Judge Baty Family Fund
Charles and Patricia Becker
Charles and Patricia Becker Family Endowment
Hans and Susan Becker
Tri-State Wind Symphony Endowment
Rudolph and Joan Bellmann
Joan D. and Rudolph A. Bellmann Foundation for Envision Mental Health
Roy Blair and Susi Nehls
Paws On Your Heart Pet Rescue Endowment
Harold and Eleanore Blobaum
Ewalu Camp and Retreat Center
Curt and Nancy Bockenstedt
Andrea Bockenstedt Live Your Life Endowment
Barry and Kathy Bromberg
Barry and Kathy Bromberg Endowment Fund
Broman Family
Broman Family Fine Arts Scholarship
Doc Broman Athletic Scholarship
Eileen Busch
Piano Festival Scholarship
John and Alice Butler
Butler Family Fund for the Dubuque Museum of Art
Butler Family Fund for the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra
Butler Family Fund for the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium
John and Alice Butler Endowment for the Arts at the University of Dubuque
Arthur & Ruth Carstensen-Youtz
Arthur & Ruth Carstensen-Youtz Memorial Scholarship
Chad and Laura Chandlee
Chad and Laura Chandlee Family Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Irma Cody
Cody Family Fund
Conlon Corporation
Conlon Corporation Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
The Conlon River Museum Endowment Fund
Tim and Christine Conlon
Tim and Christine Conlon Family Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
The Tatiana Bechenova O’Rourke Memorial Endowment Fund for the Dubuque City Youth Ballet
Wanda Cornelius
Cornelius Family Donor-Advised Endowment
Wilson & Hazel Cornelius Family
Wilson & Hazel Cornelius Scholarship
Marjorie C. Costigan
Elkader Historical Society
Jack Crahan
Peggy Furey Crahan Children’s Fund
David and Holly Cushman
David and Holly Cushman Family Endowed Fund
Dave and Liz Cushman
Dave and Liz Cushman Family Endowed Fund
Leroy and Colleen Darby
The Leroy and Colleen Darby Family Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Rose Marie Davidsaver
Jane Ann Davidsaver Food Science Memorial Scholarship Fund
Virgil J. and Norma M. Denlinger
Virgil J. and Norma M. Denlinger Family Foundation
Thom Determan
Thom Determan Global Perspectives Scholarship
Lucille Diesch
ABC (Agriculture-Business-Commitment) Endowment for Ed-Co
Mark and Vicki Donhowe
Mark and Vicki Donhowe Scholarship Fund for NICC
Nancy and Ken Dunkel
Nancy and Ken Dunkel Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Elaine and David Edwards
Edwards Family Donor-Advised Endowment
Don Eggerling
The Eggerling Endowed Scholarship Fund for Wartburg Seminary
Frances Ehrhardt
Elkader Historical Society
Daniel and Ann Ernst
Friends of the Mines of Spain
George Davis and Chris Even
George Davis and Chris Even Family Endowed Fund
J. Michael and Sharon L. Faley
J. Michael Faley and Sharon L. Faley Endowment Fund for Hillcrest Reflections Home
J. Michael Faley and Sharon L. Faley Endowment Fund for St. Columbkille Church
Susan Farber
University of Dubuque
Barb Featherston
Joe and Barb Featherston Family Donor-Advised Endowment
Jeff and Jaramee Finn
Jeff and Jaramee Finn Family Endowment Fund
Michael L. and Sharon G. Finnin
Michael L. and Sharon G. Finnin Family Fund
Mike and Kristin Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald Endowment for Dairy Education
Keevin and Mary Franzen
Tentinger and Franzen Endowment Fund
Freedom Bank Elkader
Freedom Bank Endowment for NICC
Dick and Pat Friedman
Cyril J. Friedman and Edith R. Friedman Endowment Fund
Terry and Paula Friedman
Terry and Paula Friedman Endowment Fund
Rommel and Donnelle Fuerste
The Rommel and Donnelle Fuerste Fund
Ken and Marian Furst
Ken and Marian Furst Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
James P. and Jean E. Gantz
Holy Ghost Parish Endowment Fund
Keith and Kathy Garms
Keith and Kathy Garms Family Endowment
Steve Gassmann
Patricia A. Gassmann Endowment Fund
Cletus Gerardy
Travis Gerardy Scholarship
Mary Gibson
Gibson Easton Valley Education Opportunity Fund
Gibson Family Scholarship
Tom and Florence Gifford
Gifford Family Endowment for Elkader
Vicki and Charlie Glab
Vicki and Charlie Glab Fund
J. Duncan Glab Fund for Bethany Home
Merlin and Josephine Green
Summit Congregational Church Endowment
Larry and Jean Gritton
Larry and Jean Gritton Scholarship Endowment Fund
Ivan and Kathleen Gruhl
Gruhl Family Endowment Fund
Ted and Dianne Haas
Ted and Dianne Haas Loras College Scholarship Endowment Fund
John and Diane Hackett
Meghan Hackett Young Professional Endowment Fund
Leonard and Marlene Hadley
Leonard and Marlene Hadley Endowment Fund for Hillcrest Chaplaincy
Roger and Connie Halvorson
CCFF Fund for Entrepreneurship
William Heiderscheit
William and Claudia Heiderscheit Endowment Fund
Ronald and Judeane Helle
Ronald and Judeane Helle Family Endowment Fund
Dr. Ray Hermeier
The Dr. Ray Hermeier Endowed Fund for Waukon
Dr. Richard Hermeier
Dr. Richard Hermeir Fund for Waukon High School Athletics
Coach Gene and Pat Klinge Endowment for Waukon Youth
Eldon and Marge Herrig
Eldon & Marge Herrig Fund for Catholic Charities
Eldon & Marge Herrig Family Fund
Eldon & Marge Herrig Fund for St. Columbkille
Eldon & Marge Herrig Fund for the Sisters of Charity BVMs
Eldon & Marge Herrig Fund for the Sisters of the Presentation
Larry and Laura Herrig
Carter R. Giese Endowment Fund
Larry and Laura Herrig Designated Fund for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dubuque
Jim Hill
Spanky’s Endowment Fund
Fern and Norm Hinke
Fern & Norm Hinke Scholarship
Robert and Marilyn Hoefer
Robert and Marilyn Hoefer Family Foundation Fund
Resurrection’s St. Philomena Endowment
Honkamp Krueger & Co
Honkamp Krueger Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Donald Hughes
Linda Hughes Memorial Scholarship Fund
Leo and Madeline Hughes
James Hughes Scholarship
Virgil and Carlyn Hunt
Virgil and Carlyn Hunt Family Endowment Fund
Chuck Isenhart
Open Eyes Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Jackson County Board of Realtors
Jackson County Realtors Scholarship Fund
Arthur Janssen
Janssen Fund (FBO Jackson County Historical Society)
Bud and Georgia Johnson
Bud and Georgia Johnson Charitable Fund
Bud and Georgia Johnson Minntex Citrus Endowment
Sally Kahle
Allan J. Carew Loras College Scholarship
John and Jane Kiefer
Kiefer Family Endowment Fund
Daryl Kimball
Aarron Kimball Pride in Science Endowment
Klauer Manufacturing Company
Klauer Manufacturing Company Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Klauer Manufacturing Fund for NICC Scholarships
William R. Klauer
Klauer Family Scholarship Endowment Fund
William R. Klauer Fund
Russell and Wendy Knight
The Russell and Wendy Knight Fund for NICC
Jerry and JoAnn Kramer
Irene Morgan/Kathleen P. Kramer Designated Endowed Fund for Hillcrest Family Services
Sharon Kress
Joseph and Marie Kress Endowed Scholarship Fund for Clarke College
Lanny and Linda Kuehl
Lanny and Linda Kuehl Family Endowment for NICC
Norris Kuenzel
Garnavillo Historical Society Endowment
Dr. Deborah Labeau
The Nicholas Fund
Steve and Tracy Launspach
Steve and Tracy Launspach Family Endowment Fund
William Lee
Ceres Pioneer Rock Church Endowment Fund
William R. Lee Donor-Advised Endowment
James and Susan Lindsay
Flint Lindsay Scholarship Fund
Sharon Lynn Lindsey
R.D. McDonald Memorial Fund
Dr. Russell and Juanita Loven
Dr. Russell and Juanita LovenEndowment
Dr. Russell and Juanita Loven Endowment for NICC
Marguerite Vodicka Lybbert
EWALU Endowment for Lutheran Volunteer Corps
Amy and Edward Manternach
Amy and Edward Manternach Family Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Dustin and Jennifer Manternach
Dustin and Jennifer Manternach Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Jeanne Ann May Fund for the Wendt Regional Cancer Center
Leo and Joy McCarthy
The Leo and Joy McCarthy Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Greg and Christie McCoy
Greg and Christie McCoy Family Fund for the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium
Michael and Judy McCoy
Grandview Methodist Church Endowment Fund
Michael and Judy McCoy Family Endowed Donor Advised-Fund
John McDonald III
John McDonald III Family Endowment Fund
Howard and Dorothy McLean
Howard and Dorothy McLean Endowment Fund for Dubuque Nonprofits
The Howard and Dorothy McLean Fund for the Dubuque Arboretum
Jon and Sharon Miller
Gene & Kathleen Milewsky Endowment Fund for MFL-MarMac Dollars for Scholars
Morrison Bros. Co.
Grants for Tech Endowment Fund
Morrison Bros. Co. Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
James and Laura Mulgrew
Four Mounds Foundation Endowment Fund
Norby Distributing Co.
Norbys Farm Fleet Endowment Fund for NICC
Constance Norby
Constance Norby Endowment Fund
Constance Norby Endowment Fund for Dubuque Nonprofits
Dave and Penny North
North Family Foundation
John and Joyanne Oberhausen
John and Joyanne Oberhausen Fund
Robert and Patricia Olesen
Highland Cemetery Field of Interest Endowment Fund
Bob and Ann Osterhaus
Luke Osterhaus Scholarship
Harris Penrose
Penrose Scholarship
Dr. Steven and Stefanie Perkins
Dr. Steven and Stefanie Perkins Education Healthcare Endowment
Guy Petersen
Laurie Petersen Excellence in Music and Citizenship Award
Al and Joyce Priem
Fitzgerald Endowment for Dairy Education
Fern and John Rathe
Fern Rathe Healthcare Scholarship Endowment
Jim and Nancy Rhomberg
Jim and Nancy Rhomberg Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Susan E. Rhomberg
Susan E. Rhomberg Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Ringen Family
David L. Ringen Scholarship
Ed and Susan Ritts
Ed and Susan Ritts Family Endowment Fund
Jeff and Lisa Ruppel
Two by Two Education Endowment Fund
Phillip and Judy Ruppel
Phillip and Judy Ruppel Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
David Wm. and Jane Ann Rusk
David Wm. and Jane Ann Rusk Endowment for Community Engagement Fund
Dr. Peter and Ginger Sakas
Ginger J. Sakas Endowment Fund
Ginger J. Sakas Fund for the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium Endowment Fund
St. Elias the Prophet Greek Orthodox
Donald and Wilma Sanders
GracePoint Church Endowment Fund
Merle and Mary Santjer
Merle and Mary Santjer Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Mike and Gail Scherr
Mike and Gail Scherr Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Scherrman’s Implement Inc.
Dula Scherrman Memorial Endowment for Dyersville Area Historical Society
Ghost Players Endowment Fund for Baseball History
Thelma Schlueter
Philip and Thelma Schlueter Family Endowment Fund
James A. and Mary Schmid
James A. and Mary Schmid Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
John and Bette Schmid
John and Bette Schmid Endowment Fund for Nonprofits
John J. and Mantea Schmid
John J. and Mantea Schmid Family Endowment Fund
Richard T. and Carolyn M. Schmid
Richard T. and Carolyn M. Schmid Charitable Foundation Endowed Fund
Darwin Schrage
Northeast Iowa Community College
Scott and Natalie Schramm
Scott and Natalie Schramm Family Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Randy Sirk
Sirk Family Foundation
Helen Skinner
Bill Skinner Scholarship Endowment for West Delaware High School
Daniel and Karen Slagel
Slagel Family Fund Donor-Advised Endowment
Dr. Andy and MJ Smith
Acts 20:35 Blessed to Give Endowment
Clayton Ridge Dollars for Scholars
Dr. James Snyder
Snyder Foundation Fund
AJ Spiegel
AJ Spiegel Endowment Fund
Mary Helen Merriam Stewart
Mary Helen Merriam Stewart Scholarship
Brenda Tackman
Kenny Tackman Scholarship Endowment
Mary Jo Tangeman
The Rod and Mary Jo Tangeman Family Endowment for Guttenberg EMS/Ambulance Service
The Rod and Mary Jo Tangeman Family Endowment for the Guttenberg Library
The Rod and Mary Jo Tangeman Family Endowment for the Guttenberg Rotary
John and Dorothy Terhune
Saint Patrick School Endowment Fund
Jim and Marita Theisen
ARK Advocates Endowment Fund
Colts Youth Organization Endowment Fund
Diabetes Fund for Crescent Community Health Center
Every Child/Every Promise Endowment Fund
Junior High Rodeo Endowment Fund
The Deacon Tim LoBianco Endowment Fund for Resurrection Parish
Loras College Wrestling Endowment Fund
St. Mark Community Center Endowed Fund
NAACP Endowed Scholarship for Minority Students
Nativity Church Endowment Fund
Sherrill Fire Protection Association Endowment Fund
Steeple Square
Step by Step Endowment Fund
Jim and Marita Theisen Endowment Fund for NICC
Jim and Marita Theisen Endowed Fund for Nonprofits
YWCA Domestic Violence Program
Theisen’s Home • Farm • Auto
Theisen’s Home • Farm • Auto Community Endowment
Phyllis Tinker
Larry Tinker FFA Scholarship Endowment
Sharon Tinker
Larry Tinker FFA Scholarship Endowment
West Delaware STEM Endowment
Jim and Carol Townsend
Jim and Carol Townsend Endowment Fund
Ruth Turnis
Four Mounds Endowment Fund for the Heart Program
Frank Turnis Family Fund for Students in the Health Science Programs at NICC
Bill and Audrey Upmeyer
Bill and Audrey Upmeyer Scholarship
Larry and Julie Vogt
Grant Vogt Fund Flight Scholarship Fund
Grant Vogt Memorial Baseball Endowed
Bill and Karen Wallace
Small Miracles Endowed Fund
Craig and LeAnn Watson
Watson-Rugland Family Endowment for Clayton County
Karen Watters
Barry Watters Citizenship Award Endowment Fund
Dr. Charles Weber and Mariann Kurtz Weber
Weber Family Donor-Advised Endowment Fund
Richard and Kathleen Weber
Richard and Kathleen Weber Family Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Russ and Cathy Weber
Russ and Cathy Weber Family Fund
Rev. Curtis Webster
Rev. Curtis Webster Endowment Fund for Allamakee Dollars for Scholars
Neil Webster
Clayton Ridge Fine Arts Scholarship Endowment Fund
Charles M. and Faustine A. Weepie
The Charles M. Weepie Loras College Scholarship Fund
The Power of Prayer
Mike and Krista Weitz
Anna Weitz Foundation for Childhood Cancer
Kent and Laura Wielage
Kent and Laura Wielage Endowment Fund
Ron and Penny Wills
Ron and Penny Wills Scholarship Fund
Barbara Winters-Kelly
Allamakee County Fund for After-School Programs
Kristin Woodward
Kristin Woodward Fund for the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium
Tom and Charlice Woodward
Tom and Charlice Woodward Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Kenneth and Francis Zichal
Zichal Family Endowment for Conservation
Joseph and Teri Zuccaro
Joseph and Teri Zuccaro Endowed Donor-Advised Fund