Theisen’s More for Your Community Grants

The Theisen’s More for Your Community corporate grant program annually makes grants to all Theisen’s store communities. The program grants to agencies that most effectively, directly serve the basic needs of families and children, which includes food, shelter, education, safety and health.  In 2016 and in recognition of the Grand Opening of the Theisen's Home, Farm, Auto Store at 3808 Brady St in Davenport, the program will award a special round of funding for organizations serving children and families within 60 miles of the new store.

How to Apply

The 2016 Grant Cycle is CLOSED.  To login or create an account on our grant management system. 

  1. Gather documentation.
    • Tax Status Verification letter for your organization (also called a Tax Determination letter).
    • If your organization is not a tax exempt nonprofit, you must partner with an organization that is. This is called fiscal sponsorship. In this case, you will need:
  2. Create an account in our online grant management system. All open CFGD grants are listed in this system.

Call or email Katie Decker, Grant Management Coordinator, at or 563-588-2700 if you have any questions about the grant application process.

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