Great Give Day

Mark your calendar for Great Give Day 2017 on Thursday, May 11!

New & Improved Website

We have contracted with CiviCore, a reputable technology provider, to create the giving platform for Great Give Day 2017. CiviCore has thorough knowledge of giving day events and facilitates some of the most popular giving days across the country, including Colorado Gives and Amplify Austin. This new website will go live mid-January!

While no technology is failsafe, the Community Foundation has taken great care in selecting a new provider for our donors and nonprofit partners. CiviCore has a detailed contingency plan and we have every confidence the CiviCore system will work as designed. To learn more about CiviCore, please visit their website.

Nonprofit Registration

Any registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that holds an endowed fund with the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque may participate in Great Give Day. Click here to register.

There will be no registration fee for eligible organizations to participate in Great Give Day 2017. Gifts will be subject to a credit card and platform processing fee, but no additional fees will be incurred as a direct result of participation in Great Give Day. The Community Foundation will not receive any revenue from transaction and processing fees and covers the cost of this event as a free service to our endowed nonprofit partners. Click here to download a full list of Rules and FAQs.

For further information--or to establish an endowment fund at the Community Foundation--please contact Wendy Sweeney at 563.588.2700 or

History of Great Give Day

2016 114 $367,453
2015 100 $319,263
2014 53 $205,630



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