A Year of Uncertainty — and Impact

Looking Back and Preparing for the Future

Before March 2020, no one could have predicted the depth and breadth of the COVID-19 pandemic's effect on the Dubuque region. When we activated the Greater Dubuque Disaster Recovery Fund, we were responding to a multi-faceted crisis, and the community stepped up in a big way to help.

Together, we raised and granted more than $1.7 million in recovery grants across Dubuque and five affiliate foundation communities, helping local residents meet basic needs and survive this challenging time. The impact is evident wherever you look. It’s the reason people have been able to stay in their homes, the reason children had food when schools closed, and the reason health care providers have been able to stay connected with patients remotely or, slowly but surely, in person.

Today, the urgent needs we saw during the toughest periods of the pandemic have subsided, yet the pandemic is not over. Many people and organizations have ongoing needs that might need to be met. We are happy to have conversations with nonprofit leaders about their needs and how we can assist through other grant opportunities.

In looking back at the challenges and successes of the past 16 months, we are reminded that preparing to address our region's future needs is more important than ever. The Greater Dubuque Forever Fund offers a way for generous community members to give today to help respond to whatever needs or opportunities emerge in the future. 


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