Our staff is dedicated to making a difference in the greater Dubuque area. With extensive knowledge of our community's changing needs, we are uniquely suited to assist in matching donors' philanthropic intents with the organizations that can best realize their goals. We are here to serve you: our donors and our community. Contact us anytime at 563.588.2700 or office@dbqfoundation.org.

Community Foundation Staff

  • Nancy Van Milligen

    President and CEO
  • Amy Manternach

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Bobbi Earles

    Vice President of Development and Communications
  • Denise LaBudda

    Chief of Staff
  • Alexander Baum

    Alexander Baum

    Director of Community Initiatives
  • Emily Rollins

    Director of Philanthropy
  • Jason Adams

    Director of Finance
  • Photo of Sheila Tjaden

    Sheila Kramer Tjaden

    Director of Affiliate Foundations
  • Faye Finnegan

    Faye Finnegan

    Philanthropic Advisor
  • M.J. Smith

    Senior Affiliate Advisor
  • Jeff Danna, Communications Manager

    Jeff Danna

    Communications Manager
  • Molly Moser, Communications Coordinator

    Molly Moser

    Affiliate Communications Manager
  • Lovisa Railstrom

    Brand Creative Coordinator
  • Luke Benson

    Philanthropic Assistant
  • Nathalia Bernal

    Philanthropy Coordinator
  • Angie Wille

    Donor Services Coordinator
  • Brittani Olinger

    Brittani Reuter

  • Jenny Timmerman

    Finance Assistant
  • Itza Heim

    Executive Assistant

Fellowship Positions

  • Photo of Anderson Sainci, New Profit Fellow

    Anderson Sainci

    New Profit Fellow

Gift Planning Counsel

  • Johni Hays

    Gift Planning Consultant with Thompson & Associates

Partner Foundation Staff

  • Amy Unmacht

    Executive Director, Foundation for Dubuque Public Schools
  • Lori Loch

    Executive Director, Community Foundation of Jackson County

Program Coordinators and Grant-Funded Positions

  • Shirley Templeton Vaughn

    Shirley Templeton Vaughn

    Community Initiatives Coordinator
  • Cynthia Wehrenberg, Youth Impact Coordinator

    Cynthia Wehrenberg

    Youth Impact Coordinator
  • Donna Loewen, Local College Access Network Coordinator

    Donna Loewen

    Local College Access Network (LCAN) Coordinator
  • Clara Lopez Ortiz

    Equity Coordinator
  • Jason Neises

    Community Development Coordinator
  • Peter Supple

    Peter Supple

    Director of Nonprofits

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