Affiliate & Partner Foundations

Allamakee County Community Foundation

Phone: 563-586-2046
Contact: Betty Steege , Foundation Coordinator

Clayton County Foundation for the Future

Phone: 563-880-6044
Contact: Emily Sadewasser , Coordinator

Foundation for the Future of Delaware County

Phone: 563-920-5590
Contact: Nancy Preussner , Donor Connections Coordinator

Dyersville Area Community Foundation

Phone: 563.590.9988
Contact: Melissa Douglas , Foundation Coordinator

Community Foundation of Jackson County

Phone: 563-652-4179
Contact: Mary Jo Gothard , Executive Director

Jones County Community Foundation

Phone: 319-551-3402
Contact: Sherri Hunt , Foundation Coordinator

LincolnWay Community Foundation

Phone: 563.659.5039
Contact: Pat Henricksen , Executive Director

River Bluff Community Foundation

Phone: 563.212.1294
Contact: Patti Hoffman , Philanthropy Coordinator

Foundation for Dubuque Public Schools

Phone: 15635882700
Contact: Amy Unmacht , Executive Director

More Moments More Memories

Contact: Emily Sadewasser , Coordinator

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