Community Voices

Through Community Voices, we instigate meaningful ideas, consider positive solutions, and celebrate the diverse people who call Greater Dubuque home. This is a place where we are encouraged to think differently—together—to strengthen our region.

Linda and Charlie Giese

Transformative Connections

To honor their late son’s legacy, a family works with the Community Foundation to support opportunities for underprivileged youth. 

A community engaged

Small undertakings like a recent program in the Washington neighborhood can play big roles in broad efforts to positively impact communities

The Business of Inclusion

When businesses implement practices and policies that make all employees feel welcome and included, they build a more engaged workforce and increase their chances of success.

Photo of adult and child hands

Protecting the Most Vulnerable

Childhood trauma can have lasting negative effects. The Community Foundation is working to bring much-needed attention to this critical issue.

Photo of Inclusive Dubuque Prescott community conversation

Owning our change

Seven months ago, I made a career change that not only affected my professional trajectory but also how I see and create change in my home community: I joined the Community Foundation of Greater Du

Photo of Nancy Van Milligen talking with a community member

A place where everyone has a voice

With this blog, we are creating a forum for people to consider what a welcoming, opportunity-rich region looks like — and how we work together to build it.

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