Ensure that your philanthropy is as personal, meaningful and impactful as possible.

People come to us with a vision of making our community a better place. We specialize in creating unique plans for donors that speak directly to their particular giving interests. While some donors understand fully the causes they want to support, others look to us for guidance in determining where community needs are greatest. We are always available to answer questions and to help donors make informed giving decisions.


We’ll work with you and/or your advisers to design a giving plan suited to your charitable and financial goals. Once your plan is in place, we can also take care of the paperwork, financial reporting, taxes, grant making, asset management and research into organizations.

You can give a variety of assets to receive the financial and tax benefits that best suit your needs. When comparing community foundations and private foundations, you will find that community foundations are not subject to certain taxes and regulations that affect private foundations.


Many of our fund options give you a range of opportunities to become directly involved in grantmaking. Our staff’s broad community experience touches any issue or organization that you may wish to support or learn more about.

Our funds are invested by some of the top financial advisors. Our experienced financial managers balance good return against protection of principal and capital. Investments are regularly reviewed by our Investment Committee and Board of Trustees for conformance with the Foundation’s established policies and practices.


All information concerning prospective donors and current or past donors is confidential. Prospective donor and donor information is accessible only to authorized personnel. Donor requests for anonymity will always be honored. Public announcements or other publicity about gifts are the responsibility of the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque. Donors or members of a deceased donor's immediate family and their advisors will be consulted and their approval obtained before gifts are made public. Exceptions to this confidence will be made when the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque is required by law to make information available to the Internal Revenue Service, other federal agencies, and/or state agencies.

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