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Application Available: 
August 25
Application Due: 
September 25


What is the CFGD Grants for Tech program?

Through a partnership with the University of Dubuque, small nonprofit organizations (that do not employ IT staff) within the City of Dubuque can apply to receive technology assessments through the Grants for Tech program.  The grant program will pay for technology improvements for nonprofits to help make their organizations more effective and grow stronger.


Eligible organizations are within the City of Dubuque including 501(c)3 nonprofits, church, school or government organizations that do not employ IT staff. Organizations must operate in a manner that no applicable anti-discrimination laws are violated.  Only one proposal may be submitted per organization each year. 

Matching Fund Requirements

All applicants for Implementation Grants will be required to contribute matching funds. Organizations with annual operating budgets above $500,000 will need to match dollar for dollar (100% of the funding). Organizations with annual operating budgets below $500,000 will need to match 50 cents on the dollar (50% of the funding). Grants awarded will be a minimum of $2,000, with a maximum grant award of $10,000.

The Process

The Assessment

The first step is to identify existing issues or potential opportunities for improvement in technology hardware, software and equipment. These issues will be evaluated through a Technology Assessment. An Assessment award is not a cash grant, but a service performed for the nonprofit by a small group of University of Dubuque students.  The assessment and the report prepared following the assessment seek to improve the efficiency of technology by examining their intended function for the organization.

Nonprofits will be invited to a meet and greet at the University of Dubuque where organizations will be introduced to their student group and will schedule the technology assessment. The assessment typically lasts approximately two hours, depending on the size of the organization.  The assessment involves examining the nonprofit’s existing technology and hardware/software. The University of Dubuque student group will complete the assessment and complete a detailed report for the organization.

Assessment Report

The end goal of the assessment is to provide a prioritized list of possible purchases, upgrades or training to optimize efficiency as well as cost estimates for those upgrades. Once the group completes the Assessment Report, it will be shared with the nonprofit.

The costs shown in the Assessment Reports are estimates only. If grantees intend to apply for an Implementation Grant, they will be required to submit two bids during the final application process.

The Implementation Grant

The Implementation Grant helps reduce the financial burden for implementing projects identified in the assessment. Implementation Grants are cash awards given to the nonprofit and require a financial match. 

The University of Dubuque students will provide project management in the implementation of the projects in the second semester of the year. In the Implementation Grant application, nonprofits are asked to submit additional detail regarding the organization and the request and are required to obtain and submit two bids from contractors for the work being requested. In addition, applicants are required to complete an Implementation Chart. In the Implementation Chart, applicants are asked to describe the projects the organization would like to implement based on the recommendations in the Assessment Report.

Matching Funds

Implementation grants require a financial match from awarded nonprofits. The match amount is based on the implementation project budget. The match (cash or in-kind) can be fulfilled in the following ways:

  • Any portion of the project’s cost paid directly by the nonprofit or its donors/funders or through a special financing arrangement;
  • In-kind labor or personnel costs paid by the nonprofit or its donors/funders;
  • Services or equipment donated by a third party, if the nonprofit can provide appropriate documentation of the value of services

Grantees must submit a Match Commitment Form when submitting their signed Implementation Grant Agreement. In this form, the nonprofit will describe how they will meet the required match.


Evaluation is critical to the success of the CFGD Grants for Tech program. The evaluation strives to assess the impact of the grant on the organization’s efficiency and cost savings and changes in their knowledge of technology and hardware/software. The evaluation also measures the grantee’s level of engagement in the project. Information about the Grants for Tech process is collected to determine how well the program was implemented and identify any areas for improvement.

Applying for an assessment:

Eligible nonprofit organizations: Click here to apply for assessments.

Process and Timeline

Upon successful submission of Assessment Application, more detailed timeline for full scope of project will be provided.

2018-19 Recipients:

  • United Way of Dubuque Area Tri-States
  • St. Mark Youth Enrichment
  • Presentation Lantern
  • Grand Opera House
  • Four Mounds Foundation

2019-20 Recipients:

  • Hills and Dales Child Development Center
  • Dubuque Dream Center
  • Julien Dubuque International Film Festival
  • Dubuque Main Street Ltd. 
  • Northeast Iowa Community College Foundation

2020-21 Recipients:

  • Dubuque Rescue Mission
  • Two by Two
  • Project Rooted

For questions about grant applications, please contact Angie Wille at angie@dbqfoundation.org or call 563.588.2700.

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