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 Apply For Grant Assistance

Thank you for your interest in More Moments More Memories Foundation. We are dedicated to helping cancer patients with unmet financial needs to access life-saving clinical trial treatments.


We welcome the requests of individuals who meet the following eligibility requirements regardless of race, creed, gender, color, ethnic heritage, age, or sexual orientation:

  1. You have been referred to a cancer clinical trial for a life-saving treatment by a physician
  2. You can demonstrate a financial need by submitting the last two consecutive years of IRS Form 1040 (first page of Federal Tax Return).

Geographic preference is given to residents of Clayton County or Fayette County, Iowa with a secondary preference to residents of the State of Iowa but any resident of the US may apply. The clinical trial treatment must be in the contiguous United States. We do not support international travel at this time.

Type of Financial Assistance Provided

  1. Mileage costs for auto travel to clinical trial
  2. Airfare or bus fare to clinical trial site
  3. Lodging cost during travel and treatment
  4. Per day allowance for food during travel and treatment

You may preview the application here (PDF) and get started by gathering your IRS Form 1040 for the past two years.

To begin the application:


Please record your login and password so that you can return to your application as needed.

Please call or email Angie Wille, donor services coordinator, at angie@dbqfoundation.org or 563-588-2700 if you have any questions about the grant application process.

Additional Resources for Cancer Patients and Caregivers 

  1. Search for a clinical trial specific to your medical condition
  2. Look for additional patient travel support
  3. Find an advocate and/or support group
  4. Find information and support for caregivers

Search for a Clinical Trial

ACT (About Clinical Trials)
ACT empowers people to understand cancer clinical trials and discuss this option with their doctors and loved ones. This unique resource features unscripted interviews with clinical trial participants, doctors, patient rights advocates, and others. Their honest stories and the information on this site will help you ACT toward having educated discussions with those committed to your care.

American Society of Clinical Oncology
With nearly 45,000 members who are leaders in advancing cancer care, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) is the voice of the world’s cancer physicians. ASCO’s patient information website -- Cancer.Net (www.cancer.net) -- brings the expertise and resources of ASCO to people living with cancer and those who care for and care about them. Well-informed patients are their own best advocates and invaluable partners for physicians. Cancer.Net provides timely, comprehensive information to help patients and families make informed health care decisions.

Center Watch
Founded in 1994, CenterWatch is a trusted source for clinical trials information for both professionals and patients. To search for a clinical trial by cancer type and see a state by state listing, click here

Search Clinical Trials is a free service designed to help people find clinical trials that are relevant to their needs.CISCRP staff will work with you to understand your options and our staff will help you find local clinical trials in your community, or as far as you would be comfortable traveling.

This government website is a registry and results database of publicly and privately supported clinical studies of human participants conducted around the world.

ForPatients is an informational resource for patients, their relatives, caregivers or doctors looking for information in clear and simple language about clinical trials or diseases where Roche/Genentech is doing research or supporting research conducted by others.

GUMDROP is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization formed to enhance patient outcomes through greater cancer clinical trial awareness. These clinical trials continually change as the medical community evolves its approach to defeating cancer. This website is intended to help all in the cancer community to filter through the several dozen current clinical trials that apply to bladder, kidney and prostate cancers. It is hoped that improved clinical trial awareness and utilization will lead to improved survival and quality of life of patients, ultimately creating a better standard of care for these patients.

Lazarex Cancer Foundation
The Lazarex Cancer Foundation improves the outcome of cancer care, giving hope, dignity and life to end stage cancer patients and the medically underserved by providing assistance with costs for FDA clinical trial participation, identification of clinical trial options, community outreach and education. Lazarex assists advanced stage cancer patients of any age and ethnicity, with any type of cancer, nationwide who wish to find out about or participate in an FDA (Federal Drug Administration) clinical trial.

If you are a cancer patient who needs help navigating your clinical trial options or financial assistance to attend a clinical trial, contact the Lazarex Cancer Foundation for more information, or to speak with a Lazarex representative, call 925.820.4517. Find a Patient Navigation Questionnaire here for help identifying clinical trial options.

NCI Supported Clinical Trials
NCI-supported clinical trials are those sponsored or otherwise financially supported by NCI – the National Cancer Institute. You can search for clinical trials by cancer type, geography, and age. 

U.S. Food & Drug Administration
Learn more about clinical trials and find a trial that might be right for you. Clinical trials are voluntary research studies conducted in people and designed to answer specific questions about the safety or effectiveness of drugs, vaccines, other therapies, or new ways of using existing treatments. It is important to remember that the FDA does not conduct Clinical Trials.

Clinical Trial Seek Mobile App
Enables users to easily search for cancer clinical trials via their mobile device.

Download on the App Store® 
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Additional Patient Travel Support

Angel Wheels to Healing™
This non-profit charity is dedicated to providing non-emergency, long-distance ground transportation to financially disadvantaged, ambulatory patients who are traveling for treatment. A typical trip supported by Angel Wheels to Healing does not exceed 300 miles (one-way), and they normally do not handle trips within a local area or community. Click here to request assistance.

Airbnb Open Homes
In partnership with the Cancer Support Community, AirbnbOpen Homes provides free places to stay for people in times of need. Airbnb is providing grant funding that will help relieve the financial burden of patients and their families in finding housing when traveling for treatment. Call 877.793.0498 to start an application.

Air Charity Network
For more than 25 years, Air Charity Network has been coordinating free air transportation for children and adults with medical or compelling humanitarian needs. Air Charity Network serves all 50 states and its volunteer pilots utilize their own aircraft, fuel and time to provide free air transportation to medical facilities for citizens who are financially distressed or otherwise unable to travel on public transportation

Avery Foundation
The Avery Foundation will provide financial assistance to any eligible tri-state area resident (Applicants must live in the counties of: Clayton, Delaware, Dubuque and Jackson in Iowa; Grant and Lafayette in Wisconsin; Jo Daviess in Illinois) dealing with the costs associated with cancer treatment or with other individualized needs due to cancer care. Eligible expenses include mileage, lodging, and meals. Other assistance may be available for costs of comfort medications or medical equipment or supplies not covered by insurance.

Corporate Angel Network (CAN)
CAN arranges free travel to treatment across the country using empty seats on corporate jets. This not only improves the patients' chances of survival but at the same time, it reduces their emotional stress, physical discomfort, and financial burden. Click here for eligibility and benefits information.

Footprints in the Sky
Working with a network of approximately 3000 charter services in the United States, Footprints in the Sky provides transportation for ambulatory patients without consideration to their medical condition. This is accomplished by using “donated” flights from these charter companies using empty seats in a corporate or business aircraft that is traveling to the same geographic area as the patient. Footprints in the Sky personnel can monitor the flights of these jets and then match the patient with the charter service and aircraft. This is done on behalf of the patient and in consultation with the patient’s physician.

Good Days
Good Days is a non-profit advocacy organization that provides resources for life-saving and life-extending treatments to people in need of access to care. Some cancer diagnoses may be eliglble for support.

Hope Lodge
Hope Lodge offers cancer patients and their caregivers a free place to stay when their best hope for effective treatment may be in another city. Not having to worry about where to stay or how to pay for lodging allows guests to focus on getting better. Hope Lodge provides a nurturing, home-like environment where guests can retreat to private rooms or connect with others. Every Hope Lodge also offers a variety of resources and information about cancer and how best to fight the disease. 

Hotel Partners Program
The American Cancer Society, in a cooperative effort with hotels across the country, provides overnight accommodations to cancer patients who must travel for outpatient treatment and need assistance with lodging. The program is open to cancer patients of all ages, including pediatric patients accompanied by a parent.

Joe’s House
Joe’s House is a nonprofit organization that helps cancer patients and their families find a place to stay when traveling away from home for medical treatment. They list cancer treatment centers and hospitals across the country with nearby lodging facilities that offer a discount. Click here to find lodging near your treatment center.

Lazarex Cancer Foundation
The Lazarex Cancer Foundation improves the outcome of cancer care, giving hope, dignity and life to end stage cancer patients and the medically underserved by providing assistance with costs for FDA clinical trial participation, identification of clinical trial options, community outreach and education. Lazarex assists advanced stage cancer patients of any age and ethnicity, with any type of cancer, nationwide who wish to find out about or participate in an FDA (Federal Drug Administration) clinical trial.

A Lazarex patient navigator can help you find the right clinical trial. Lazarex also helps with costs associated with participating in a clinical trial, including transportation, lodging, and certain medical expenses not covered by insurance and necessary for clinical trial treatment.

Miracle Flights
Miracle Flights provides commercial plane tickets to all U.S.-based medical treatment facilities at no cost to families. They will fly anyone with a complex medical need who requires distant medical care, along with parents or legal guardians of patients under 18 or a caregiver or companion for adult patients.

Road to Recovery
Every day thousands of cancer patients need a ride to treatment, but some may not have a way to get there. The American Cancer Society Road To Recovery program provides transportation to and from treatment for people with cancer who do not have a ride or are unable to drive themselves.

Access Financial Resources for Patients and Caregivers

Allyson Whitney Foundation
“Life Interrupted Grants™” are provided by the Allyson Whitney Foundation to U.S. citizens between the ages of 16 and 36 years of age, who are currently undergoing treatment or recently finished protocol. Grants help cover unanticipated expenses including transportation, hotels, rent, medical expenses, fertility options, integrative therapies, and wigs. Learn more.

Family Reach
Family Reach is a financial lifeline for families fighting cancer. This nonprofit organization collaborates with more than 200 hospitals and cancer centers nationwide to provide immediate financial assistance, education and navigation to families before they hit critical breaking points. The Family Reach’s efficient, solutions-driven model bridges the gap between hospital and home, quickly providing the vital support families need to stay afloat. 

Patient Advocate Foundation - National Financial Resource Directory
Patient Advocate Foundation helps patients know that they are not alone when dealing with healthcare needs. There are national and regional resources dedicated to improve access to quality care and decrease the financial burden of medical treatment, and we can help you locate them quickly and easily through the directory at the link above.

The Pink Fund
The Pink Fund's mission is to provide the financial support necessary to help breast cancer patients focus on healing while improving survivorship outcomes. They may pay your cost-of-living bills so you can have peace of mind during treatment and recovery. Financial assistance is available for qualified applicants undergoing ACTIVE TREATMENT of breast cancer who can prove a loss of the applicant’s working income. The Pink Fund defines active treatment as the period after a positive diagnosis of breast cancer has been made (with a diagnostic biopsy), and during which therapies are being administered, including surgical procedures to remove the cancer (e.g. single or bi-lateral mastectomy, lumpectomy, axillary dissection, or sentinel node biopsy), chemotherapy or radiation.

Find an Advocate and/or Support Group

Cancer Hope Network
With more than 400 Support Volunteers who have survived cancer, Cancer Hope Network is able to match cancer patients and their loved ones with someone who has been in the same fight and won. Matches are made based on diagnosis, treatment protocol and other factors, giving patients an opportunity to speak to a Support Volunteer whose experience closely mirrors their own.

Cancer Support Community
The Cancer Support Community offers many resources to those with cancer and their caregivers, including the Cancer Support Helpline, MyLifeLine, an online communication platform to easily connect cancer patients and caregivers with their support community, and much more.

The Cancer Support Community’s TOLL-FREE Cancer Support Helpline is for anyone affected by cancer. Call 1-888-793-9355 Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. ET, Saturday - Sunday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. ET

Cancer.net Support Groups
Having cancer is often one of the most stressful experiences in a person's life. However, support groups help many people cope with the emotional aspects of cancer by providing a safe place to share their feelings and challenges. They also allow people to learn from others facing similar situations.

American Cancer Society Support Programs
The American Cancer Society has programs and services to help people with cancer and their loved ones understand cancer, manage their lives through treatment and recovery, and find the emotional support they need. Search for programs in your area on this site.

Patient Advocate Foundation
The Patient Advocate Foundation provides patient services, eliminating obstacles in access to quality healthcare. Professional case managers at PAF work with the mission to identify and reduce the challenges that individuals are having when seeking care for their disease. Each team member strives to make a difference in the lives of every patient they serve, to allow more time to focus on medical recovery, to reduce everyday stress compounded by insurance frustration and mishaps, and to ensure that financial pressures do not compromise quality care. PAF's case management services are provided at no cost to patients in need.

Project Athena 
Project Athena is a non-profit foundation dedicated to helping women survivors of medical or other traumatic setbacks achieve their adventurous dreams. Project Athena provides travel expenses, coaching, equipment, and most importantly, the encouragement and inspiration needed to help these strong, amazing women make that life-affirming transition from Survivor to Athlete.

Sarcoma Alliance
The Sarcoma Alliance is striving to extend and improve the lives of sarcoma patients through accurate diagnosis, improved access to care, education and support. Visit this site for more information on sarcoma, support groups, clinical trials, and additional resources.

Find Information and Support for Caregivers

American Cancer Society ‘Becoming a Caregiver’
Caregiver is defined here as the person who most often helps the person with cancer and is not paid to do so. In most cases, the main (primary) caregiver is a spouse, partner, parent, or an adult child. When family is not around, close friends, co-workers, or neighbors may fill this role. The caregiver has a key role in the patient’s care. Good, reliable caregiver support is crucial to the physical and emotional well-being of people with cancer.

Cancer Support Community
Our mission is to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community.

American Association of Retired People (AARP) 
Promising breakthroughs have turned cancer from a likely death sentence into an illness that often can be controlled or cured; today cancer comes with a 69 percent five-year survival rate (up from 49 percent in 1975). But it can still be a frightening diagnosis for the patient and the people who love them.

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