More Moments More Memories: Who We've Helped

The More Moments More Memories Foundation is dedicated to helping cancer patients with unmet financial needs access life-saving clinical trials. If you lack the financial means to participate in an oncology clinical trial that could improve the quality and quantity of your life, we may be able to help. Here are the stories of people we've helped access clinical trials.

Nick was diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer seven years ago. Over the years, doctor visits just became normal for his family. At a bare minimum, they drove almost two hours one way to see his oncologist once a month. Now their journey to the oncologist is four hours one way, several times a month and includes staying in a hotel. Nick's wife Jessie says, "Words cannot describe how much this grant has helped our family. I didn't realize how much we were traveling until I could use this grant to pay for it. Our other credit cards have been cut down so much and that leaves more money for healthy groceries and some fun activities with our kids. With my husband's cancer coming back, we also had to sell our herd of dairy cattle, which is our main source of income. With medical bills coming in and four small children to support, we need to be as conservative as possible with our money. Without this grant, I'm afraid that we would be building up credit card debt that would burn through our savings much faster. I am so grateful that this opportunity is available for cancer patients. It is so unbelievably nice to be on the road and not have to worry about how we will pay for the gas or lunch. Less stress right now is always welcome. I cannot wait until we are in a better position to donate back to this cause. It truly makes such a difference! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all so much!" - Nick and Jessie

Kelsey was first diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer at age 31. It was stage 3, and Kelsey underwent chemotherapy, a double mastectomy without reconstruction, and more than 30 rounds of radiation. She was in remission for a few months, but a routine CT scan revealed metastasis in her bones. “The doctor explained we would just start with one treatment and when it failed, move to the next. And they would all fail. We didn’t feel like that was something we could accept, so I began the search for clinical trials. I ended up at MD Anderson, 1,200 miles round trip from home. We were worried about how we would continue going because we had exhausted all our funds, credit cards, some family and friends helped too. Without the financial help, I never would have had this opportunity for cutting-edge treatments. I can’t thank you enough!”

"This is the best news I've received in years. Without this funding I would have to drop out of the clinical trial in St. Louis which has been showing progress on treating my cancer." - Ron





Belinda is 46 with stage 4 breast cancer, which metastasized to the liver and brain. After exhausting all available treatment options, she is now receiving a clinical trial treatment in Chicago. The trial can help Belinda meet her wish to see her children, ages 18, 15, and 12, grow up.





Lianne was diagnosed at 37 with stage 2 breast cancer, treated with chemotherapy, double mastectomy, radiation and declared cancer free. At 39, her cancer returned as stage 4 with metastasis to her brain. She is now being treated with a novel clinical trial therapy in Boston that can provide more time with the people she loves. "I am at a loss for words. I don't even know how to say thank you for something this amazing. I truly am so appreciative. To not have to worry about how I will pay for the next trip...what friend can I ask for miles, what credit card has room, can my parents move around more money from their retirement, and so on....what an absolute gift. THANK YOU." - Lianne


"One day, on our road trip out to Seattle, Steve and I were able to drive through the Badlands National Park and Mt. Rushmore. For that one day, I forgot I was even sick. It was like I was just on vacation. This grant means the world to Steve and I. Thank you!"





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The More Moments More Memories Foundation seeks to provide the necessary resources so more patients with cancer have access to the healthcare innovations they need and the support of their loving caregiver—someone at their side to advocate for them through the most difficult and challenging time of their life.

The More Moments More Memories Foundation is hosted by the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque.

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