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Speak Your Peace

Speak Your Peace, an initiative of the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque, is a program aimed to create community discussions on the topic of civility.

Dyersville Area Community Foundation

Like most leaders, Dave Schroeder wears a couple of hats in his hometown community of Dyersville. He’s been a volunteer board member of the Dyersville Area Community Foundation for five years, serving as treasurer.

Foundation for the Future of Delaware County

Laurie Kramer had to add minutes to her cell phone plan. Since the dam broke in the summer of 2010, Laurie has worked as a volunteer at the heart of the community effort to rebuild Lake Delhi—an effort that involves a lot of phone calls.

Clayton County Foundation for the Future

Over the past year, Mary Jo Tangeman, together with her family and in memory of her late husband, Rod, has made four significant endowment gifts to Guttenberg nonprofits, including the library, the Guttenberg Rotary, the fire department and the Guttenberg Emergency Medical Association.

Allamakee County Community Foundation

Sharing community leadership experiences often leads to strong friendships. So it is with Matt Erickson and Brian Houlihan.

ENVIS10N 2010

Everywhere you look, exciting changes are taking place in Dubuque. From the beautiful renovation of the Carnegie-Stout Library to the Crescent Community Healthy Center, our community is quickly becoming an even better place to live, work and play.

Project HOPE

The day after he graduated from Hempstead High School, Justin Beck started a full-time job as a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinist at Decker Precision Machining in Peosta—no small feat in an economy in which few high school students can find even part-time summer jobs.

Green and Healthy Homes Initiative

Dawn Close’s 1925 bungalow-style house has a beautiful front porch and plenty of curb appeal. Unfortunately, it was also costing her $1,000 a year in heating bills. “The windows were original to the house and the insulation was quite old as well,” says Dawn. “I didn’t really know where to begin.”

Every Child / Every Promise

Ruben VanDasselaar, a sixth grader at Thomas Jefferson Middle School, used to go home after school and watch TV.

Crescent Community Health Center

For Chiquitta Carroll, a self-employed professional hair stylist in Dubuque, finding affordable and convenient health care was a challenge. Public transportation limited her choice of providers and as a mother of four, she had additional concerns.


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