Evelyn and Clifford Barber leave permanent legacy in DeWitt

DeWitt resident Evelyn Barber, who died in May at age 94, has made a lasting impact on her community with generous gifts to two endowments held by the LincolnWay Community Foundation. Her legacy will live on forever in the form of a $50,000 gift to the Central Education Foundation and a $50,000 gift to launch a new endowment for the Friends of the DeWitt Community Library. 

“For generations to come, Evelyn’s donation will help the Friends of the Library support the DeWitt Community Library with educational community programming, special purchases or any other need,” says Jen Conrad, a member of the Friends group. “This gift was a surprise, and we really appreciate it. We were able to start our endowment as well as meet some immediate needs.”

Evelyn and her late husband, Clifford, owned a small farm north of DeWitt. Clifford also worked at Iowa Mutual Insurance Company. The couple had two children, Gary and Alan. Their nephew, Rich Barber, assisted Evelyn with the couple’s estate in the final year of her life. 

“Evelyn was well aware of how much she would give away,” he says. “She wanted to include in her estate people and places who had helped her and been good to her along the way.” 

The couple had deep roots in DeWitt, and Evelyn felt strongly that some of the estate should benefit the town. After taking care of her family with a trust from the farm, she designated the rest of the estate to 14 beneficiaries, including the schools, the library and the church where she and Clifford were longtime members. 

“Aunt Evelyn set a pretty good example of how to live a frugal and very generous life,” says Rich. “She also showed how much she appreciated living in DeWitt.”

The LincolnWay Community Foundation can help you leave a legacy in your community. Contact Executive Director Pat Henricksen at 563-659-5039 or visit dbqfoundation.org/lwcf to learn more. 

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