Nonprofit Strength Builder Workshop Series

Tone up your nonprofit leadership skills and help your organization flex its muscles.

Building on the Community Foundation’s 16-year history of strengthening nonprofits, this interactive and engaging seven-session workshop series is designed to help you become a more effective leader, enhance your organization’s capacity for driving change, deepen your impact and make your organization more resilient.



"The workshops provided a lot of resources and brought in a lot of great guest speakers. I liked that a lot of what we learned was related to the real world. For example, we didn’t just talk about strategic planning, we also saw many examples of great strategic plans."

Megan Ruiz, 2019 Participant
Executive Director
Presentation Lantern



A Collaborative Experience

Any nonprofit staff member, regardless of career stage, can become a more impactful leader. That’s why we’ve built the Nonprofit Strength Builder series with professionals of all experience levels, as well as nonprofit board members, in mind.

The series is presented by the Community Foundation's master trainer, Peter Supple. Workshops will be led by experts in the field, and each will include time for sharing of resources and ideas as we intentionally develop a peer cohort to serve as a network of advisers after the series has concluded.


"The Community Foundation of Dubuque is in a unique position to offer this course. Because the Foundation has its finger on the organizational and philanthropic pulse of our area, it is well qualified to lead strategic learning opportunities that prepare local up-and-coming professionals with tools to successfully guide them, their organizations and the community at large into the future."

John B. Donovan
Director (retired)
Mercy Medical Foundation



Digging Deeper

In each of the seven workshops, you will focus on building your leadership capacity in a different, essential area of nonprofit operations.

  • Nonprofit Board Roles & Governance 
    An effective relationship between your staff and board is essential for organizational health. Develop tools to clarify roles and responsibilities and ways to maximize effectiveness. Learn skills in meeting management, reporting and development.
  • Leadership: Culture, Mission, Planning 
    Strong leadership begins with knowing yourself and how you can empower others. Enhance your leadership skills in the areas of ethics, accountability and choosing and ensuring your organization’s culture. In this session, you will learn more about an organization's mission and vision and develop actionable strategic planning techniques.
  • Measuring Your Organization's Success: Operations and Data 
    Learn and share best practices in operational systems, how to effectively manage a nonprofit's daily operations, and how to make your organization more resilient. Get tips on available resources, data collection, reporting methodology and how to prioritize time and efforts to achieve organizational goals.
  • Financing Your Cause: Budget, Revenue, Fundraising
    Every organization wants to strengthen its presence in the community. Learn how to cultivate partners, sponsors, friends and donors to help your organization achieve your vision and goals. From budgeting to audits to completing a 990, numerous tasks help achieve financial stability and compliance. Strengthen your fiscal know-how and become adept at communicating your financial story to board members and funders.
  • How to Attract Continuous Improvement in Your Volunteers and Board
    Learn ways to draw others to your organization’s vision by networking effectively in your community, managing and embracing change, and embracing diversity of ideas. You will learn how to attract volunteers and keep them motivated and engaged.
  • Teamwork and Team Building
    Both staff and volunteers require onboarding and continuous personal development via different learning techniques. Learn some of the current leader teaching skills to make your team strong and reduce conflict and turnover. 
  • Participants' Choice
    Our last session will be a topic chosen by group consensus. What would you like to learn more about that has not been covered? In addition, we will review highlights of the sessions and celebrate completion!  

As you move through the series, you will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge you gain from each session to new discussions, activities and assignments, helping you become a well-rounded leader who can drive your organization to be more effective and impactful.

Those who complete the workshops will receive a digital credential to be used on social media, certifying completion of the Nonprofit Strength Builder leadership training.


“Kudos to the Community Foundation for making this commitment to capacity-building for local nonprofits. This series is a wonderful opportunity for all of us in the nonprofit community to learn new skills, build on existing knowledge and make connections with our peers.”

Miki Robinson, 2019 Participant
Operations and Marketing Manager 
Bell Tower Theater





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