Agency Endowments

A permanent source of income

Nonprofit organizations may create agency endowment funds under the umbrella of the Community Foundation. Agency endowment funds assure nonprofits of a permanent source of steady income to stabilize and strengthen programs.

No matter the size, your endowment will benefit by being part of CFGD’s investment pool, which is:

  • Highly diversified
  • Governed by the our Board of Directors and investment committee
  • Protected by our Investment Policy
  • Managed with professional consultation

Your board will not require an investment committee to oversee your investments.

  • This leaves more board time for mission-related activities and removes a significant level of organizational stress.

All administration of your fund will be handled by the CFGD. You will receive:

  • Quarterly statements
  • An annual payout with the option to re-invest
  • Access to all information related to the management of your fund

At the Community Foundation, agency endowments are booked both as an asset and a liability.

  • Agencies can still book the asset in their audit
  • Agencies have the ability to restrict portions for specific purposes
  • If a donor makes an endowment gift to benefit a certain program or function, the CFGD can continually identify the gift balance and its intent.
  • Should the agency want several funds for different purposes, the CFGD can keep the balances separate and distribute accordingly.

Your agency will be included in the Giving Center and listed in our Annual Report.

Administrative and Investment Fee:

1.35% annually of the fund balance

For more information on creating an agency endowment, contact Amy Manternach at amy@dbqfoundation.org or call 563.588.2700.

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