Grant Opportunities

The Allamakee County Community Foundation accepts applications for its mini-grant program three times annually. The “Emerging Needs” Mini-Grant Fund was created to address funding needs for Allamakee County projects outside of the regular grant cycle.

Application Due: January 31, July 31 and October 31

Grants for community development, community promotions, community education and similar matters benefiting persons residing in Clayton County, Iowa.

Application Due: March 25

Grants for community development, community promotions, community education and similar matters which benefit persons residing in Delaware County, Iowa.

Application Due: May 9

The Dyersville Area Community Foundation makes grants to nonprofits with a 501 C (3) status that are located in the communities of Dyersville, Earlville, Farley, Luxemburg, New Vienna, Petersburg, and Worthington. Such organizations can act as fiscal agents for non-exempt groups who provide programs that meet IRS charitable contribution guidelines.


Application Due: August 31

The Community Foundation of Jackson County is committed to supporting the needs of the communities throughout Jackson County. In order to do so, we rely on local nonprofit organizations and service groups to inform our board of the ongoing needs in their communities through our grant program.

Application Due: October 1

PBnJ grants provide youth-serving organizations the opportunity to strengthen and grow their programs.

Application Due: January 31

Jones County Community Foundation grants to projects benefitting persons residing in Jones County, Iowa. Our priorities are to improve economic well-being or quality of life, improve educational opportunities, address community capital improvements, maintain and improve the health of Jones County residents, promote Jones County tourism and recreation, maintain Jones County heritage, and/or support conservation efforts.

Application Due: October 15

anamosa_grant_application_2021_0.doc anamosa_grant_application_2021.doc The Anamosa Community Foundation Grant provides financial aid for special needs in the Anamosa community, as identified by nonprofit organizations in Anamosa. Only projects specifically for the community of Anamosa will be considered.

Application Due: August 31

The LincolnWay Community Foundation (LWCF) was founded in 1987. Annually, LWCF distributes funds from its earnings to numerous area nonprofit organizations to fulfill its mission: inspiring communities by connecting people with causes and resources for all generations. The Community Foundation has a broad, flexible purpose providing support to a wide variety of nonprofit organizations.

Application Due: March 11


CFGD Grant Resources

Grant Reporting

All grant reports are available in the Grant Management System following announcement of award. Please reference the Reporting Tutorial document for instruction. 

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Grant Applicants

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