Endowment Building Toolkit

This high-energy training program will build the confidence of participants to intentionally and enthusiastically grow your organization’s community foundation endowment and sustain its mission forever. 

Designed for staff, board members and volunteers, the Endowment Building Toolkit equips nonprofit leaders to educate others about the mission, accomplishments and needs of their organizations. The training focuses on three key areas:

  • Endowments and the Endow Iowa 25% State Tax Credit
  • Your organization’s story and how to tell it
  • Role play, practice and Q&A sessions

You’ll receive valuable tools for endowment building, including marketing materials, sample letters and presentations, as well as demonstration 
and practice opportunities. 

This program is effective in helping nonprofits to build endowments through both current and legacy gifts. 

The Endowment Building Toolkit fee is $1,500. This includes:

  • Two-hour pre-planning meeting
  • Three-hour training meeting
  • Administrative support in producing materials, processing payments, acknowledgements, etc.

The toolkit is a proven model for success because:

  • The process has been tested and adopted by the national Council on Foundations 
  • It achieves results through benchmarked goals and a defined timeline
  • CFGD staff support you along the way

To learn more, contact Shirley at shirley@dbqfoundation.org or 563.588.2700 x122.

Download Endowment Building Toolkit Flyer (PDF)

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