10 Simple Acts of Kindness from "Kindness Boomerang: How to Save the World (and Yourself) Through 365 Daily Acts"

Book review by Jon Aguilar, Communications Assistant 

I recently picked up a copy of Kindness Boomerang when the author, Orly Wahba, visited Dubuque this February. Based on a young girl's dream to change the world through kindness, each page is filled with tips and daily inspiration to create happiness in your life and the lives around you every day.

The book shares 365 acts of kindness (one for each day). Here are my ten favorites:

1. Lend a Helping Hand

“Offer to help a neighbor or friend shovel snow or do yard work. Roll up your sleeves and show the world what you’ve got.”​


 2. Pay It Forward with Some Joe

“Going to get your morning coffee? Buy a gift card from the shop and leave it with the barista with an anonymous note. Ask them to gift it forward to a customer who is particularly friendly that day.”


3. Feed a Neighbor

“Drop off dinner or groceries to an elderly friend, neighbor, or relative who can’t get out much. You may be the only human contact they have that day.”


4. Send a Thank You

“Send a heartfelt, genuine note to your boss or mentor sharing some of the benefits you’ve gained from the job; not just professionally but personally as well.”


5. You Matter Too

"Focus on complimenting yourself and the things you love about you."


6. Help Clean Up


“Offer to join a neighborhood cleanup effort or, even better, start your own!”


7. Share a Hug

“See someone having a rainy day? Be their umbrella. Sometimes a person just needs a shoulder to cry on.”


8. Leave a Note

“Write inspiring notes on a few Post-Its and leave them at random places, from the bathroom mirror, lockers at the gym, or one of the pages of your favorite books at the library.”


9. Visit a Patient

“Bring flowers to a hospital to give to a patient who might not have any visitors. (Just ask a nurse who’s in need of a visit.)”


10. Support a Cause

 “Make a donation to your favorite charity or cause. Maybe even set aside a percentage of your income if you’re capable.”

 You can find all 365 Daily Acts in Kindness Boomerang.

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