Donor Spotlight: Tom and Amanda Rauen

Tom and Amanda Rauen love to create memorable experiences.

With Amanda by his side, Tom has squeezed into a World-Record-breaking 247 t-shirts to raise money for juvenile diabetes research, and danced for a cause dressed as Peewee Herman (white platform shoes and all). Together, they’ve made it their goal to create greater good—and they have a lot of fun doing it.

“I’m really big on experiences,” says Tom with a big smile. “The more you’re involved in the community, and the more you give back, the more you get in return.”

After years of giving back, Tom and Amanda learned about the benefits of using a donor-advised fund to create a private foundation at the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque. “The Community Foundation made it easy,” says Tom. “With their help, we can focus on the nonprofits we’re passionate about to make a greater impact, and someday, our kids will be able to give to what they’re passionate about too.”

The Foundation assists the Rauens with the administrative responsibilities of managing a private foundation. This gives the couple more time to focus on supporting the causes they love by hosting public events like Dubuque’s first annual Mac and Cheese Festival, which drew 1,300 people to support the Rauens’ new fund. “Who doesn’t love mac and cheese?” says Amanda. “We wanted to do something that made an impact and was different.”

The Rauens’ fund broadly supports causes in the Dubuque area to create new opportunities and lasting impact. “When you donate to an organization—whether you are giving your time or your talents or money—and you see the impact, it’s just gratifying,” says Tom. “It makes you feel like a part of the community and each life you reach touches others as well.”

“Find what you’re passionate about—what fits in your life and makes you happy—and go for it,” says Amanda. “We all have an extra hour or two that we can give back. Everyone in this community can do it.”

“And if everyone does it, that’s what makes it fun,” adds Tom.

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