Generosity fuels solutions in Clinton

The Victory Center Rescue Mission in Clinton has a 34-year history of service through two food pantries and shelters for men, women and children. Leaders have partnered with the River Bluff Community Foundation to ensure that tradition continues. Last fall, as people faced new challenges amid the pandemic, the Victory Center launched an endowment fund to provide long-term support for its vision of equipping people with a safe place to call home.

Use of the food pantry and housing services has increased by about 13% since the pandemic began, and the Rev. Ray Gimenez, Victory Center executive director, anticipates this number will continue to grow.

Even many employed residents struggle to make ends meet. “We find many people have to make choices between food and other necessities like keeping a roof over their heads, and that can be a tough decision,” says Gimenez. “That’s where the community comes in. We depend on local generosity during this time when people are hurting so badly.”

That local generosity is making a big impact on the new endowment fund, which is growing more rapidly than leaders anticipated. “Since we have plugged into the Foundation, we have been advised on many strategies and tips we can use to enhance our visibility and increase donor participation,” Gimenez says.

The new connection with the Foundation opened a door for the Victory Center to access a $15,000 grant to support its pandemic relief efforts from the Greater Dubuque Disaster Recovery Fund, administered by the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque.

With community support for a strong endowment fund, the Victory Center can continue to do its good work in Clinton for many more years. Contact us today to learn about how you can harness the power of endowment to keep our community vibrant.

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