Gifts to More Moments More Memories Honor Co-Founders' Sister

Sherry Whitford, sister of More Moments More Memories co-founders Christi and Shelley Shaw, passed away on May 30, 2018 after a long battle with multiple myeloma. Sherry, along with the Shaw sisters' late mother, was the inspiration behind creating the More Moments More Memories Foundation. Sherry gave valuable input into the foundation, providing the patient's perspective and needs, which helped the foundation to successfully launch.

Sherry had a passion for caring for others and she did this in many ways throughout her life. Sherry worked as a nurse's aide, helped her husband with the farms they managed, and worked as an elementary school cook and kitchen manager, but Sherry’s favorite job was being a mother. She loved and cared deeply for her children, and she dedicated all of her time during their pre-school years to caring for them and teaching them. Most recently, Sherry cared for other cancer patients in her support group and community by encouraging them, sharing her faith in Jesus, and being an example of strength and courage. Read Sherry's full obituary at the Grau Funeral Homes and Cremation Services site.

The Shaw family became familiar with the significant hardships of cancer through Sherry’s experience and that of the sisters’ late mother, Karen. Those experiences inspired the mission of the More Moments More Memories Foundation. Karen died of breast cancer in 1996. At the time, the sisters, growing up in Clayton County, Iowa, were told there was nothing more anyone could do to save their mother's life. She suffered through chemotherapy, radiation, and bravely fought to stay alive. What the sisters did not know was that there were clinical trials available at the time in different parts of the country. If they had known, and their mother had been given the option to take advantage of those trials, she might have lived to see her youngest daughter graduate from college on Mother's Day and attend the funerals of her parents, who instead had to endure the loss of their child.

Sadly, cancer touched these three sisters' lives again when Sherry was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. As a high-risk patient, she had to travel to many states away to gain access to new solutions to extend the quality and quantity of her life. Fortunately, her sisters were able to put their careers on hold to support Sherry through a clinical trial and other innovative treatments. As pharmeceutical industry executives, Christi and Shelley had both the institutional knowledge and experience to become effective patient caregivers and advocates for their sister. As they navigated through the healthcare system, it became clear to them that most families in similar situations do not have their unique experience or ability.

The Shaw sisters are passionate about their belief that lack of financial resources or lack of awareness about potential solutions should never stand in the way of creating More Moments and More Memories for families.

Sherry’s memory will live on through the foundation her sisters started in her honor, More Moments More Memories. Instead of flowers, her wish was for donations to the foundation to assist people with cancer and their caregivers, who are often so desperately in need of help. Thank you to the following who honored Sherry's memory with a gift to the More Moments More Memories Foundation.

Alisha Alaimo Sarah Lucero
John Bamforth and Susan Mahoney William Lumpkin
Ester Banque Barrett Madrigal
Lydia Barrett Catheryn Majewski
Ruth Belin Tessa Mangrich
Brett and Jessica Berrier Joe and Anna Marangelli
Valerie Bruemmer John McCusker
Julia Butchko Elizabeth Goldsmith McGee
Jennifer Carnahan Jim McGill
Karl Charles-Pierre Robert Merk
Leta and Steve Clausen Michelle Minard
Steven Cohen George Montalbano
Enrique Conterno Kelli Moran
Gayle Crick Amy Muse
Cytokinetics, Inc. Patricia Myers
Gudarz Davar Nichole and Joel O'Brien
Sharyn DeLaurentis Ernest and Nancy Osborn
Dorothy Devlin Rhonda Pacheco
Joan DiGiovanni PhRMA
Delores, Leon, and Duane Duckett Steve Poeschl
Wendy Evans Janet Raciti
Judith Fernandez The Ricks Foundation
Phyllis Ferrell Gary and Mary Rushing
Samantha Fitzenrider John and Patti Russo
Michael Foley Ashish Sagrolikar
Stephen Fry Joseph Senese
Doug and Pat Gage Scott Shortenhaus
Salvador Garcia de Quevedo Mark Sims
Bob and Hila Garms Joshua Smiley
Susanne Hanchar Dr. Andrew and M.J. Smith
Donald Handel Amy Stumpf
Laura Cox-Heuer Milt Taliadouros
Gregory and William Houston Tamara Jacobs Communications
Michael Hulka Ann Marie Tejcek
Sharon and Charles Janda Denice Torres
Lora Khoury LaVern Troester
Kraig Kinchen Barbara Weber
Katie Koehn Alonzo Weems
Shannon Korsi Deanna Underwood, Brian, Maggie, Pam, and Jean Underwood
Erica Kuchinski Jyun Yan Yang
Cindy Lehrer Yianming Zhu
Graeme and Kate Leiser  
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