Our Affiliate Foundations

Around kitchen tables and in city council chambers throughout our rural region, leaders are  planning for tomorrow in partnership with their community foundation advisors.

The Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque serves seven rural counties, with River Bluff and LincolnWay community foundations in Clinton County joining our affiliate family this past year.

Together, the affiliate foundations support 303 funds totaling more than $19 million. Rural donors are creating endowments for beloved causes that define their small towns, from butterfly trails to Main Street development.

As Guttenberg leader Juanita Loven reflects, “It’s nice to help make something happen that you believe in.” 

The Foundation also brings a host of philanthropic programs and tools to citizens who are engaged and committed to a strong philanthropic future.


  • A USDA grant to the Community Foundation to support Philanthropic Tools for Self-Determined Communities has supported a successful endowment-building effort for Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation and multiple projects serving visitors and young families in Harpers Ferry. Together with the Orton Family Foundation, it also brought the Heart & Soul program to Monticello. This community-visioning model helps communities to define their closely-held values and then apply those values to decision and plans. With additional USDA support, the program is now expanding to Bellevue.
  • Grade-level reading initiatives in Dyersville and Maquoketa are making a real difference in students’ reading retention and proficiency.
  • A foundation grant to Clayton County has underwritten a seven-month study involving 1,000 hours of volunteer engagement to define a proposed silica sand mine expansion.
  • The Northeast Iowa Funders Network, hosted by the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque, has underwritten the formation of the Clayton County Energy District as a pilot project for the region and state.

From DeWitt to Waukon, we are proud to help caring Iowans create greater good.  Learn more about our affiliate foundations at www.dbqfoundation.org/affiliates

Affiliate Foundations

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