Q&A with Women’s Giving Circle member Whitney Sanger

“I want to raise my daughter in a world where being kind and generous comes before all else, and what better organization to help me instill that in her heart and mind than the Women’s Giving Circle?”

Women’s Giving Circle membership committee chair Whitney Sanger reflects on her personal experiences as a member. She is part of a four-generation family of members that includes her grandmother, Marge; her mother, Kristie; and her six-week-old daughter, Evelyn. Whitney leads the Membership Committee in planning events to educate Circle members and encourage new members to join.

Q: What about Women’s Giving Circle inspired you to become such an active member? 

A: I was raised in a family where giving was a part of everyday life. Growing up I watched the impact giving made in others’ lives, whether it was through a monetary donation, time or simply lending a helping hand or ear. I wanted to continue this legacy, and I saw the Women’s Giving Circle as the perfect organization to do just that.

Giving is more fun when you do it together, which is why the Circle is such a fun organization. By pooling our resources, together we are able to make a bigger impact than just one person would. The best part about giving to the Women’s Giving Circle and being part of this organization is that you get to see firsthand the impact the donations have made on the individuals and organizations we support.

Q: I understand we now have our youngest Women’s Giving Circle member ever! Can you talk a bit about what this group means to your family? 

A: The Women’s Giving Circle is a huge part of our lives. It all started with my 93-year-old grandmother, Marge, who is still a member today, as well as my mother, Kristie Arthofer. I joined alongside them about six years ago, and it didn’t take much convincing!  

We are excited to say that Evelyn, the newest addition to our family (now six weeks) is a member. She is the fourth generation to join! I want to raise my daughter in a world where being kind and generous comes before all else, and what better organization to help me instill that in her heart and mind than the Women’s Giving Circle?

Q: How do you describe Women’s Giving Circle to potential members?  

A: The name speaks for itself. When I say Women’s Giving Circle, the first response I get is “Tell me more.” There are so many women out there who want to give back to the community —sometimes they just don’t know how or where to start. The Women’s Giving Circle takes that out of the equation.

I love to share how large an impact just $100 can make. Not only does it help grow the Women’s Giving Circle endowment fund, it helps increase the amount of money we can grant to support nonprofits. I think potential members love to hear how their money will add to that impact. Not to mention, the women in the Women’s Giving Circle are amazing in every way — we are a very diverse group of women that come from all walks of life, but in the end we share one mission: to support women and children in the community. How cool is that?

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