River Bluff Community Foundation: Growing Tomorrow

As a gardener, David Helscher, senior vice president and trust officer at Clinton National Bank, knows hard work can take many months to bear fruit. Likewise, when Helscher and local citizens came together in the late 90s to create the River Bluff Community Foundation (RBCF), they saw the value in creating an institution that would allow community members to invest in the future of their community.  

As RBCF’s founding president, Helscher took this endeavor to heart. “The Foundation is a way for me to mark that I was here and this is what is important to me today and hopefully it’s important to somebody in the future,” he says.

Last summer, RBCF became an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque (CFGD). Since 2004, CFGD has supported the growth of affiliate foundations in rural communities throughout Northeast Iowa, including Allamakee, Clayton, Delaware, Jones and Jackson counties as well as the Dyersville area. By working with CFGD, these communities have built philanthropic funds in support of schools, churches, health care centers and other needs totaling more than $19 million.

“We have so much potential,” says board member Martha Bonte. “CFGD genuinely cares about this part of Iowa and is incredibly excited about what philanthropy could do in this region.” 

CFGD will provide investment, accounting, grantmaking, training and administrative support and philanthropic expertise, allowing River Bluff’s local board to focus on setting priorities, attracting donors and supporting local nonprofit organizations.

“Through CFGD, we now have the skills and tools we need to take our efforts to the next level,” says David Pillers, RBCF president. 

“We at the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque are proud to welcome the River Bluff Community Foundation to our family of affiliate foundations,” says CFGD President and CEO Nancy Van Milligen. “We feel strongly that this move will ensure continued success in serving Clinton residents and the causes they hold dear.”



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